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  • Field Trips

    One specific area focused on within the British Curriculum’s EYFS is that we lay the foundations for children to become curious and gain a strong understanding towards the world around us. We ensure that staff are properly trained around the process for field trips within our settings. Held a minimum of 3 times per year, […]

  • Learning Environments

    When you provide children with the right environment, tools and teaching methods you are ensuring their absoulute progression throughout the early years and through to later life. We create learning environments that allow children to explore and learn through ‘doing’. We ensure to use natural, recycled and real every day to day objects. When you […]

  • Nursery Progression

    Blooms pride themselves on their attention to detail with all that they do. Within any new project and structure it is extremely important that you get things right, however within the nursery environment this is even more paramount. Areas need to be carefully planned to ensure that the children are getting the maximum result within […]

  • Parent Partnerships

    Partnerships within any business are important, however within early years this is extremely important. Parent’s are not dropping their car off to be serviced or their clothes to be dry cleaned, they are handing over the most precious beings within their life. Therefore we know that from the moment they arrive within any of our […]

  • Nursery Events

    It is important that we embrace and celebrate different events within the UAE. Blooms ensures that a strong event planning is implemented within each setting. After over 10 years within the early years sector we have built up a strong knowledge towards how to plan and implement events that  work for the children, parents, staff […]

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